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Cool John Ferguson - Cool Yule

Cool John Ferguson - Drummer Boy

Lee Gates - My Wife Left Me

Kever's Longhouse Fingers - Pigeon Dance

Etta Baker - Piece Behind the Bridge

Slewfoot & the Angels - Give Your Love Away

Robert Wolfman Belfour - Treat Me Mean

Drink Small & Cootie Stark - Drinkin the Wine

Etta Baker

Railroad Bill

Mint Julep

John Henry

Cora Mae Bryant

Born In Newton County

Empty Room Blues

Liquor Still

No No Blues


Adolphus Bell

The Things I Used To Do

Have You Ever Had The Blues

Ain't No Sunshine

Big Boy Henry


Essie Mae Brooks

Rain In Your Life

Save the Children

Captain Luke

Poke Salad Annie

Put On Your Red Dress

Carolina Chocolate Drops

Carolina Chocolate Drops - Starry Crown

Carolina Chocolate Drops - Ricketts Hornpipe

Carolina Chocolate Drops - Short Life of Trouble

Pura Fé

You Still Take

Follow Your Hearts Desire

Cool John Ferguson

The Cat Ate The Rat, The Rat Ate The Wizard

Here Comes Floyd

Guitar Gabriel

Ain't Gonna Let No Woman

Miss You Like The Devil

Sweet Little Angel

Old Fashioned Love

Back in the Western Days

Two Brothers

Key To The Highway

Expressin' the Blues

Lee Gates

Down to the Ghetto

Lucys Voodoo

Macavine Hayes

Sweet Little Angel

Snatch That Thing

George Higgs

Live from Paris - Rainy Day Blues

Live from Paris - John Henry

I Wont Be Back No More


Algia Mae Hinton

Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Good Girl Turns You Down?

Cook Cornbread for Your Husband

Lima Beans

John Dee Holeman

Little Country Gal

Sweet Home Chicago

Big Boss Man

Little Freddie King

Cat Squall Blues

Mean Little Woman

Sonny Boy King

I Want To Tell You Baby

Came Home This Morning

I Got A Girl

Jerry McCain

This Stuff Just Kills Me

Viagra Man


Dave McGrew

When It's Blue

Somewhere Out Of Here

Gamblers Prayer

Just Another Rainbow

Neal Pattman

Prison Blues

Goin' Back To Georgia

Shortnin' Bread

Carl Rutherford

Shasta Daylight

Love Can't Fly on Broken Wings

Little Annie

Larry Shores

Larry Shores - Wild Texas Wind

Larry Shores - This Old World

Larry Shores - T-Town

Slewfoot & Cary B.

Dragon Dancer

Oh Boy

A Song for James Durant

Rainin' In New Orleans

Albert's Song (Duaphine Street)

Cootie Stark

Metal Bottoms


Blue Smokey Mountain

Samuel Turner Stevens

Marching Through Georgia

Eddie Tigner

Route 66

Beverly "Guitar" Watkins

Miz Dr. Feelgood

I'm Gonna Rock Some More

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